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Case studies: Partnership Disputes


Trouble at the top

The relationship between the chief executive and the chairman of a company had broken down to such an extent that the company was no longer able to function. Even the most basic of decisions about the day to day running of the company became impossible. An external regulator threatened closure of the company if a solution was not found rapidly.

mediate first held a mediation meeting involving the Chief Executive, Chairman and the full board. Issues were discussed and clarified. The successful outcome included an agreement about roles and responsibilities, planned support from other directors and an agreed action plan for the next six months of the business. The business was able to continue and grow with its structure and reputation intact.



Break up between partners

This dispute involved a complex partnership between two companies. One company purchased materials from abroad whilst the second assembled the products and sold them back to the first ready for the retail trade.

The partners had a dispute over the non-payment of invoices that resulted in the termination of the partnership.

The case had been heard at court and the decision on both liability and quantum had been appealed. Mediation was arranged at the request of the judge prior to the appeal hearing.

mediate first held a mediation meeting one week before the appeal court hearing date. It involved both companies’ Chief Executives, Finance Directors and legal representatives.

Although the partnership had already been dissolved, a solution was reached on both quantum and liability which was satisfactory for all and enabled all parties to look positively to the future.



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