mediate first

Case studies: Workplace Disputes

Long-term problems and a rapid resolution

An employee had taken out a grievance against her manager claiming long-term bullying. The manager felt intimidated by the employee’s behaviour. The two parties were unable to work together in the same office and both had lengthy sickness absences. Despite support from the company’s HR department and use of the grievance procedures, the issues remained unresolved.

mediate first were invited to assist. We arranged a one-day mediation session that brought together the employee and her manager. The issues were discussed in detail and both parties acknowledged that they shared some responsibility for the problems – and for their resolution. A package was agreed that included new ways of working, external support for the manager and a three-month review.



Mending the past, building for the future

Over a long period of time, a particular employee had fallen out with all the other members of his team. Despite the line manager’s repeated attempts to resolve the problem, the employee was repeatedly absent from work and the team refused to consider alternative working arrangements. The team was barely functioning. Their morale was at rock-bottom and productivity was severely affected.

mediate first set up a mediation meeting involving two mediators, the employee, the team members, line manager and HR manager. During the mediation all aspects of the dispute were explored, strengths and weaknesses identified and alternative operational solutions proposed.

In just one day, a universally acceptable solution was agreed and actioned, and the individuals and the company was able to put its problems in the past and move on, with efficiency and productivity restored.


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