mediate first

Can’t we sort it out by ourselves?

Yes, you should always try and sort it out yourself

Many minor disputes can be resolved locally and we are happy to help you develop these skills. Just call us and we’ll put you on the right track.

I’m not sure if I need outside help

It’s difficult for any company, large or small, to be seen to be dealing fairly and objectively with a complex dispute or allegation of harassment, bullying etc.

It can be impossible to find people in the organisation with the right skills. Training and deploying in-house mediators is an expensive option and fails to solve the problem of achieving impartiality.

How we can help

We are always available to discuss a problem by phone or email and advise you on your options.


If you decide that an external mediator is necessary, mediate first  will ensure that the dispute is quickly resolved by a totally independent and skilled professional who can provide the necessary objectivity and expertise at an affordable price.


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