mediate first

The intelligent remedy for complex health and social care complaints


A traditional approach...?

Getting to the bottom of a complicated complaint can be difficult. The sensitive issues involved often create great distress and ill-feeling.

Traditional complaints procedures tend to result in unsatisfactory and impersonal responses or inadequate excuses.

Joint meetings are often the best way forwards but these can be difficult to organise and invariably seen as one-sided by complainants.


or a better solution...?

Independent conciliation or mediation has frequently been demonstrated to help produce resolutions to many complex health and social care complaints.

Organisations such as hospitals and health trusts sometimes have their own conciliators /mediators who may have varying degrees of training and experience.  

However, mediate first offers:

  • initial guidance to establish whether you need help to progress your case, or whether there are further approaches you can try yourself before seeking outside assistance
  • highly trained, skilled, independent conciliators/mediators to work with you to quickly and confidentially resolve your complaint.


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“Patients’ and clients’ expectations are rising: if problems are not fully resolved, people inevitably turn to costly and potentially harmful litigation.”

mediate first brought the complainant and the staff involved together to find a solution which was acceptable to all. With a satisfactory resolution all-round, the client continued with their to recovery and receive treatment from the service.”