mediate first

The intelligent remedy for partnership disputes

No one to turn to with a partnership dispute?

At mediate first we know how difficult it is to resolve disputes between:

  • partners within a business      
  • partnerships between businesses.

Disputes can arise at any time over the direction of the businesses, expansion, financial pressures or contracts.

Retirements, family or personality conflicts can also be particularly problematic when individuals find it impossible to separate the personal and business issues.

In such situations it may seem that there is nowhere to turn for help and guidance.


mediate first can help

At mediate first we offer a completely independent and confidential service to help partners (and, if appropriate, their legal and financial advisers) to untangle the issues and construct an agreed plan of action. Our skilled, impartial and confidential mediation protects reputations and allows businesses to grow.


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“Using the law is the worst way to solve problems between partners in a business.  Huge costs apart, litigation forces people into defensive positions which often result in the break-up of the business.”

mediate first helped bring all partners together to find a realistic solution that also secured the long-term future of the business.”