mediate first

The intelligent remedy for workplace disputes

How best to deal with workplace disputes

Most workplace disputes develop over a period of time between work colleagues, or more frequently between managers and their staff.
Ideally the situations should be addressed as soon and as locally as possible.
However there are times when you need outside help and specialist expertise.


Not sure if you need outside help?

All companies have difficulties trying to decide if and when to seek outside help. After all, we all like to believe that we can manage independently and asking for help can feel like failure.

But real failure happens when disputes are left unresolved. The consequences can be devastating.


How we can help

At mediate first we‘ll give you honest, genuine guidance to help you decide if you can manage to resolve the situation on your own or whether professional mediation is preferable.

If you choose outside help, mediate first’s skilled and qualified independent mediators work quickly and confidentially with all parties to find a solution and restore normal working relationships.


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“Workplace disputes, bullying and harassment not only affect how organisations run but can have disastrous impact on their overall financial performance.”

“Using mediate first produced a quick and cost-effective solution and got people back to working as a team again.”